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Football Night in Negaunee – The Miners Fall to the Copper Kings in a 30-8 Loss on Sunny.FM

Line-up to play.
The two teams face-off for a win on this Thursday night.

Calumet, Michigan August 30th, 2018– The Negaunee Miners traveled to Calumet Thursday night where they faced the Copper Kings. The mild temperature and the calm winds made it the perfect night for some high school football! The game started with action right away with an opening-drive Copper King touchdown made by senior Sam Erkkila. Negaunee’s Jason Waterman responded by driving home a touchdown of his own, bringing the score to an 8-8 tie early in the quarter. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson were there to bring the action to Sunny FM.

The second quarter started off with a tie, until Calumet’s team captain Travis Ojala scored, bringing the score to 16-8. Negaunee approached the end zone many times, but just couldn’t get back on the board. Miners quarterback Jason Waterman sustained an injury and was replaced by back-up quarterback Jake Larson. The Copper Kings led the Miners 16-8 going into the third, with the possession in Negaunee’s hands.

The third quarter started off with a pop-up kick to the Copper Kings from the Miners. The first turnover of the game happened with a Copper King interception of Larson’s throw with 4:15 left in the period. Calumet’s Travis Ojala went on to score another touchdown, his second of the night, bringing the Copper Kings to a 22-8 lead. Negaunee was unable to score during the third.

Calumet’s Jordan Gariepy brought the score to 30-8 mid-quarter during the fourth. The Miners fought through the quarter, but just couldn’t get the momentum to get back on the board. The Miners fell to the Copper Kings with a final score of 30-8.

The Miners now hold a record of 0-2 as Calumet sits at 2-0. The Negaunee Miners next game is on Friday, September 7th, 2018 against the Hancock Bulldogs at 7 p.m. in Negaunee. Join Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson for all of the can’t-miss action! The Elder Agency pre-game show will start around 6:30pm and the game will follow at 7:00pm on Sunny.FM.

LISTEN – FULL GAME – The Negaunee Miners fell to the Calumet Copper Kings 30-8


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