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Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball Team is Defeated by the Marquette Redmen (62-36) on Sunny.FM

The Minors Boys Basketball Team Plays the Marquette Redmen in Negaunee, Michigan on Sunny.fm
The Marquette Redmen put the Negaunee Miners’ defensive plays to the test

Negaunee, Michigan12/22/2017– The Negaunee Miners boys took on the Marquette Redmen in Negaunee. Marquette came in to the game with a 2-3 for the season, while Negaunee had a 3-1. Coach Waterman said that the game was going to be a tough one to play, and it was. Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault had all of the in-game action for you on Sunny.FM.

Marquette won the tip-off and started off the game. The Redmen played with a very physical defense. The Miners just had a hard time getting around the Redmen’s height and speed. In the first quarter, the Redmen scored 15 points, while the Miners scored 4. Negaunee did go into the bonus in the second quarter, but it was a bad night for shooting for the boys. The game picked up for the Miners just before half time as the gap between the two teams closed to six points, but the momentum was all in Marquette’s favor and the Redmen kept the lead with a score of 32-17 at half-time.

Listen to the Negaunee Miners vs Marquette Redmen High School Basketball Game on Sunny 101.9
The Negaunee Minors shot and scored against the Marquette Redmen early in the second half

The second half started off well for the Miners. The boys looked like they were giving it their all. Marquette had some pretty good three point shooters to deal with. Jakson Sager was moving quickly on the floor and he added some points to the scoreboard for Negaunee. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 50-29 with the Redmen leading the Miners. Marius Grazulis was extremely hard for the Miners to get around because he stood almost a foot taller than any of the Miners. Negaunee fought hard in the fourth. The final score of the game was 62-36 with the Miners taking a defeat to the Marquette Redmen.

Negaunee Miners- 36

Marquette Redmen- 62

Last week, Coach Waterman said Marquette was going to be a tough game, and that was what it was. The Miners go in to the next game 3-2. Tune in next week as the Negaunee Miners boys basketball team takes on the Manistique Emeralds on Thursday, December 28th. Jesse Anderson and Brady Guilbault will have all the action on Sunny.FM 101.9 with the pre-game around 5:45pm and the tip-off at 6pm. GO MINERS!

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