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Negaunee Miner Girls Lose In Tight Match Against Calumet Copper Kings 54-50


Calumet, MiDecember 19th, 2022– The Negaunee Miner Girls fought hard against the Calumet Copper Kings Tuesday night. Jacob Swanson was on the scene commentating for Sunny 101.9

The first quarter started off slow, Caitlin Strom of Calumet was first to score a two pointer after a tense three minutes. Cooper Atkins earns two free throws and scores on both evening the score. Clair O’Donnell is sent to the bench with an arm injury and is replaced by Madison Pekril. Pekril’s first involvement of the game was a travel. Caitlin Strom scored multiple three pointers, earning her nine points in six minutes. Isabel Loukus scores for Calumet, the assist is given to Strom.

The second quarter moved far quicker, with Ella Mason scoring five points and Madison Pekril scoring two. Ella Mason scored another two pointer. Aubrey Johnson reaches six points quickly as Loukus reaches four points. Ella Mason continued to climb reaching nine points, combining with Johnson bringing the Miner’s to a score of sixteen. Loukus continues to score for Calumet bringing her score to nine points. The first half ended with a score of 31-23 with Calumet carrying the lead. 31-23

The third quarter started with Allison Bjorn scoring her second bucket of the match, bringing her individual score to four. Aubrey Johnson scored a three pointer bringing her score to ten. Ella Mason scored yet another three pointer bringing her score to fifteen. After a short break she was able to score again and then gained three free throws. She scored with all three shots. Seere Helms-Gleason put herself on the board with a two point jump shot. 41-41

The fourth quarter was crazy, within a minute the score jumped to 46-43. Cooper Atkins scored for the Miners, Pekril was able to score yet again as well. and Ella Mason was given the opportunity for yet another three free throws. She was able to score all three throws. There was a tie of 50-50 until Isabel Loukus scored yet another two pointer breaking the tie yet again. The last three minutes were extremely intense. Laina Karinemi was able to score two three throws, her first points of the match within the last three minutes. The Negaunee Miner girls lost two matches in a row with a score of 54-50 and a match score of 3-4.






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