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Negaunee Miner Boys Slam Gwinn Modeltowners In Season Opener 63-24


Gwinn, Mi December 8th, 2022– The Gwinn Modeltowners fell to the Negaunee Miner’s in the Miner’s hometown in a compellingly competitive match. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene, reporting for WKQS Sunny 101.9

Down The Court
Down The Court

Negaunee started off strong, this was Brad Nelson’s first match coaching for the Negaunee Miners. The Miner’s synergy on and off the course made it seem as though he’d been there since freshman year. Gavin Saunders started off the Negaunee Miner’s season with a three pointer within the first thirty seconds. Gavin Downey followed with another three pointer from the quarter. Jace Turri scored a three pointer as well, followed by Mason Sager who scored two. Ty Jacobson did not come to lose, scoring after coming off the bench within two weeks of the end of his Football season. Jace Turri scored his second three pointer of the match. 22-5

The Miners moved swiftly second quarter, starting off with a two pointer from Mason Sager. Matthew Peters scored a three pointer as well. Gavin Saunders scored a three pointer thanks to a steal from Sager which was passed to Saunders. Saunders scored again shortly after a time out. Saunders scored yet another three pointer in the first half, every single one had scored without hitting the rim. With less than ten seconds left, Saunders scored yet again! The first half ended amazingly well for the Negaunee Miner’s new coach, Brad Nelson with a score of 41-9!

The Modeltowners attempted to take the lead at the top of the third quarter with a three pointer from the Modeltowner’s Dupras. Mason Sager of the Miner’s followed with yet another two pointer. Ty Jacobson followed with a three pointer. Gavin Jacobson scored a three pointer shortly after. 52-15

The fourth quarter was a learning moment for both sides. The Modeltowners were able to climb up the scoreboard a little bit, but fell to the shadow of Negaunee’s lead nonetheless. Brody Bell scored yet again, with the same assertive nature he showed last season. Ty Jacobson scores all three rebounds given to him, bringing the Miner’s across the 60-point threshold. Dupras moved to the bench after taking a fairly nasty fall. It was an exciting match for the Miners, and an amazing starting game for Negaunee Miner Coach Brad Nelson.




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