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Negaunee Miners Face Defeat To Escanaba Eskimos 66-50


Negaunee, MIDecember 6th, 2022– The Negaunee Miners Varsity Girls Basketball team pulled out all the stops against the Escanaba Eskimos in the Miner’s home court. Carl Leander Johnson was on the scene for WKQS Sunny 101.9

The Miners started the match off strong. Ella Mason scored two three pointers to start, followed by a two pointer, leaving the Eskimos in the dust. Carney Salo scored for the Eskimos. Grace Nardi scored a three pointer followed by Mason. Cooper Atkins followed with two two pointers for the Miners. Keira Maki of the Eskimos scored in retort, followed by Katelyn Stalboerger. 17-10

The Eskimos looked to shrink the Miner lead, but did far more than expected. Keira Maki of the Eskimos scored a point. Grayson LaMarche and Saylor Henderson scored as well. Aubrey Johnson scored two points for the Miners, but failed to stifle their lead. Grace Nardi and Clair O’Donnell scored as well for the Miners, but Escanaba kept a lead of 5 by the end of the second quarter. 25-30

Escanaba continued to score in the third quarter as Negaunee stayed near stagnant.Madison Pekril scored after repeated signs of struggle from the Miners in the quarter. Salo had an amazing quarter, Cooper Atkins scored two points, Aubrey Johnson scored four and Bink scored a three pointer. Keira Maki of Escanaba passed Ella Mason’s lead, with a whopping fourteen points. However, Ella refused to lose and quickly passed her bringing her to an individual score of sixteen.

The fourth quarter was an intense closer to the match. Henderson from Escanaba scored a three pointer, which was followed by Salo who had two. Nardi faced high pressure at the foul line thanks to Negaunee’s trailing score, and was unable to deliver for her team. Escanaba’s lead continued to climb, reaching over Negaunee by fifteen points. Bink scored yet another two pointer for Escanaba. Seere Helms-Gleason scored, followed by Morgan Maki of Escanaba. Seere refused to accept a 20 point lead and scored again, finishing off the match. The Miners may have lost, but the season doesn’t end here. Tune in next week for the Negaunee Miner’s next match in Houghton! 50-66




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