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New Super Villain Found in U.P. – Mr. P. Strikes Again


Marquette Radio –  Warning to all U.P. Dog owners! A new Super Villain with extreme powers has been sighted in the Upper Peninsula woods. The dreaded Mr. P struck again last night… this isn’t his first attempt against life and limb.  As Nancy’s German Shepard went toe to toe with him just last week.

Mr. Porcupine’s Super Powers are Impressive:

  • Incredible Ability to Resist Hugs
  • Get’s along with Grumpy Cat (Whoa)
  • Leader of a Spiked Hair Punk Rock Band

Only Known Weaknesses

  • Hair Conditioner
  • Stepping on his own Tail

One of our weimaraners, Arlo, was attacked by Mr. P last night on a hike.  Nancy thought Arlo sacrificed himself to save the other 3 dogs from impending doom… Yeah, I’m not sold on that Nancy, but I think Arlo would like the way it makes him sound like a hero!

Leave me a comment if any of your pups have had similar run ins with this evil power roaming the UP woods.


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