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Marc Cohn Concert was Amazing this Weekend


Sheboygan, WI – My wife Cori and I had an amazing evening of music this weekend from one of our favorite artists, Marc Cohn. Cohn is best know for his hit song Walking in Memphis, which recaps a soul searching trip he made to Memphis.  Just about everything in the song is true, (He shared the story that inspired the song with us. :D)

The whole evening was awesome… but our seats really made it special.  First Row Baby!  We bought the tickets last year, right when he announced upcoming dates, so we had first pick of seats.  They were only $34 bucks, I would have paid triple that. Our jaws dropped when we walked in and were ushered to our seats and saw his grand piano about 10 ft away.  Then the next 2 hours blew us away even further by hearing more of his unplugged piano and voice than we did through the PA.  He played all of our favorites too.

When Cori and I lived in Denver, Colorado we fell in love with his Listening Booth: 1970 CD.  We’d listen to it on repeat as we traveled into the mountains by Estes Park each weekend, where Cori taught girl scout troops how to ride horses.  We bought another copy of this CD at the concert to have one in each of our vehicles.  I hope you enjoyed the special Marc Cohn song drops I did during the Workday Wind Down.


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