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Spicy, Sour, and a little Scary…

Kim Chi My New favorite topping for Eggs
I want a Brat to put this on mmmmm good!

Marquette, MI – I’m usually game to try something new, especially when it come to food or fermented products… (like Beer!) But Kim Chi just gave me the creeps. What is Kimchi…? I’m glad you asked.

Kimchi, also spelled kimchee, or gimchi, is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables with a variety of seasonings. Before today I’d never tried it and thought it was going to be totally wired, but once I tasted it I though “Dang, where yah been my whole life!” It’s like a spicy, tangy and slightly sour sauerkraut.

According to Wikipedia South Koreans consume 40 pounds of kimchi per person anually. That’s a lot of kraut! The health benefits of this are tremendous, as with many fermented products including something as common here in the states as yougurt.

A new study has a found a correlation to reduce obesity with kimchi… Who knew!

Kimchi is no slacker in the health department either with one serving knocking out over 50% of our daily requirement for vitamin C and carotene. Also rich in vitamin A, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), calcium, and iron, plus it contains lactic acid bacteria, among those the typical species Lactobacillus kimchii. Health magazine named kimchi in its list of top five “World’s Healthiest Foods” for being rich in vitamins, aiding digestion, and even possibly reducing cancer growth.

Thanks wikipedia for the nifty info on my new favorite side dish (I can’t wait to put this on a Brat) Thanks Korea for your delicious Kimchi and Thank You for checking out my post here on Sunny.FM


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