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Easter Egg Hunt with a Sonic Surprise

Shake, Shake Shake.... Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake Your Booty!
Shake, Shake Shake…. Shake, Shake, Shake….  Shake Your Booty!

Marquette, MI – Easter egg hunting in a musical family can be a little different than in most, though the prize is no less sweet!

I found 2 Egg Shakers this weekend.  While I’m not a percussionist, I do know my way around a shaker. ;-)  I have a larger steel one that I used to play between horn riffs years ago in my Motown band. The problem with the large ones is you can really wear your arm out.  These Egg Shakers are the perfect size and volume though.  I plan to drop one in my bass case and one in my acoustic guitar case so I’m never without a little shake – shake – shake action.

If you’d like to get a few of these I’ve seen them at Jim’s Music in Marquette.

Thanks for the fun Easter Egg surprise.


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