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Spring Chickens are Growing Up Fast

Cecilia wants to Explore
Cecilia wants to Explore

Marquette, Michigan  –  Our little chicken hens or as I call them “The Ladies” are growing up so fast this year.  Living on a farm for many years I’ve seen my fair share of chickens, but these girls are growing!

My wife Cori and I decided that we needed some chickens this year, so last month we jumped online and quickly picked some out.  Yes… they all have names.  There is little Elvira, social Cecilia, big Marie Laveau, and the shy one is Mrs. Robinson.  We love naming our pets after songs or artists and had a lot of fun picking older country music names out for The Ladies.

There’s a flavor you just can’t get from store bought eggs and I can’t wait until they start to lay and we get Free Range, Organic, Grade AAAAAA,  pet chicken eggs.  Plus there’s the benefits of having The Ladies around the yard to keep after pesky bugs, ticks, and to enforce smiles on our faces as they peck around the yard looking for delicious wormy treats.

When we lived in Denver a few years ago we made friends with a local chicken enthusiast and I helped him build a chicken coop, which ended up turning into a full blown chicken aviary.  I’ll post picks of our coop once I get it finished.  For now the ladies are happy in their warm and cozy brooding box.  But at the rate they’re growing…. I’ve got to get cracking (No, not the eggs!) on the coop.


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