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Record Show At NMU A Success!

If you don’t like The Cars I feel like there may be something seriously wrong.

This past Saturday I got to finally check the record shows that have been happening at Northern Michigan University about four times a year.

First what one is to me, in case you are wondering exactly what a record show is.  It’s a place where a few people who have collections of music to sell come and put all of their music for sale.  On Saturday there were four people.  They had their own collections and pricing too.  So for myself, I went through the CD’s and bought a few from one person, and then shifted to another collection and bought from them next.

It did take a while though because there was A LOT of music to go through. Stacks and stacks of vinyl everywhere that ranged in the years from the 50’s to the 90’s even.  I had a few friends pick up some cool new wave (including New Order’s “Blue Monday”!) but I went for the CD’s.

Some good picks were The Cars “Heartbeat City”, plus Hum “You’d Prefer An Astronaut”, Garbage “Version 2.0”, and the ultimate rarity, Starflyer 59 “Gold”!  Yes, I’m totally a 90’s person.

Next time if they are in town and you are thinking about it definitely give it a chance because you never know what you could find.



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