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The Guide Of Playing A Basement Show

Marquette Underground Electronica
El Tigre Ultimo playing a set utilizing two old school Game Boys.

Here in Marquette there is quite a scene of underground music going.  I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with this scene throughout the years.  From working sound at the old 231 House of Muses to attending shows, or playing music with some incredible people.

And I got to play my second show in a few months after not playing live for two years.  There’s no words to describe the feeling of standing in front of people and playing music.  There’s a lot happiness and pure excitement in that environment.

Also I got to play and share the basement with a ton of good bands: Silence Dogood, Dan Daniels and the Southern Gents, Couchfort and El Tigre Ultimo.

If you ever see the names while out and about, please check them out.


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