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Two Weeks Until Fireworks, Parades, and Fourth of July!


Today is a Wednesday, which also means that it’s two weeks away until Fourth of July.  I have to admit, where did the time go this year?

This is my first year here at Great Lakes Radio that I get to be involved in the celebrations.  One of the things that I hope I get to do is drive the van in one of the parades.

We’re going to be at both the Ishpeming parade and the Marquette parade, and I hope to get myself into one of them.  I haven’t been in a parade since I was a kid.

On top of the Fourth of July parades, the day before and the day after the fourth we are have Texaco Country Showdowns at the Festival of Treasures and The International Food Fest.  Last year I was really interested in trying to go but didn’t get a chance.  I’m looking forward to the musicians and seeing some local talent.

All that’s coming in two weeks, which the way it’s going, will totally be here tomorrow!


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