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Never Overlook Your Windows In A Snowstorm


If you remember that snowstorm at the end of last week, it was pretty windy to say the least.  I know it was pretty windy from a personal experience.

I was heading here during the evening and on the way had to stop at the ATM.  Figuring to save a second I decided to use the drive thru ATM.  To my surprise my window decided that rolling up would not be an option after I was done at the ATM.

I got to tape a garbage bag into my window Thursday night, in the wind and snow.

Best window in the universe!

Luckily on Saturday my friend Erick fixed the door for me.  Also nice was the fact he had a garage with a small heater to put the car in for the work.  Still for Friday (and Saturday out to his house) I had to drive with a bag taped to my door.

The inner workings of the door.

Now the window is fixed, and I’m totally prepared for the next snowstorm, and I’m not touching that window again!


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