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Lakeview Arena Open Skating Opened This Week


Lakeview Arena started their open skating this week which runs from now until March.  You can see their schedule on their site that gives the times for open hockey and open skating.

I got to experience the open hockey today.  I strapped on the gear for the first time in over five years!


Ready to get out there, totally serious.

Hitting the ice felt a bit foreign at first but quickly got back into stride.  I honestly couldn’t stop smiling at first when I was stretching and skating around the rink.  That smile soon faded though because we played 2 on 2 and I was sucking wind about 10 minutes into playing.  Time to get back into shape!

I’m looking forward to getting back out again (thinking Monday, because you know..feeling sore already!) to hit the ice and enjoy some some more terrible puck handling of your’s truly.


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