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Sleeping When The Sun Is Up


When you work midnights, it’s sometimes a bit hard to sleep.  Especially when it’s summer and the sun is up early, it’s bright, and it’s really freaking warm outside.  Lucky for me, my apartment is half underground (imagine it like the place in “Scott Pilgrim”) and the heat doesn’t beat me up too badly.  Last summer though, the house I lived in was very very very VERY warm some days.

Damn you I say!

When you can’t sleep, at least I know with me, you don’t feel right, feel cranky, maybe be in a bad mood all day.A few ideas from my time working the midnight shift.  Fans always help a lot.  Also if you can find blinds or drapes that are black facing the indoors but white facing outdoors are amazing.  They reflect the light and heat while blacking out the room, an eye mask helps out with this as well for light.  Trying to find a sleep schedule of some sort really helps, as well as turning off your phone, or the ability to sleep through it ringing.

Hope some of these help, I hope there’s a nice pillow around the corner…


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