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Recording A Homegrown Record In The U.P.-Mixing, Here We Go!


Apologies on the really looooooooooooong break.  To say the least I had some things come up (like more projects!) and then I also took a week off.

Anyways, back into this little thing. MIXING!

My advice is to read this link on what exactly mixing entails.  It’s kind of the most not glamorous part of recording but it’s definitely one of the most important still.

Lots of time people imagine people think of recording and it’s being recording in a nice studio.  But really, for this album..

..it's this...in my living room.

So it doesn’t look like much.  But it’s surprisingly powerful, and even shocks me for how much I’ve pushed that computer into recording things.  I did get to make a jump to a mixer about 3 months ago as well.

This has saved so much time.

So now with a bit of the technical stuff out of the way.  Into the mixing!  For this album, my friend wanted a lo-fi sounding album.  So I imagined it being a bit more raw and not as polished.  With that in mind, I just saw the recordings as if I was running a really big old 8 track cassette machine.

That meant very little reverb or effects.  I used mostly just a broad EQ, some panning, and I got to move those faders around a lot for volume changes.

With all of that in mind, I show you a before and after of sorts with one song.

Here is “Lips” before I mixed it. I called it a “non mix.”  Sorry it has no vocals.

Lips Non Mix

And here’s a rough mix of it now, I’m quite pleased with the sound of this one so far.

Lips Rough Mix

That’s it for now on the recording.  Both my friend and I are trying to finish the album as soon as possible!


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