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Battle of the Holidays: Halloween or Christmas


Garland, Great Lakes Radio, Hallowee, ChristmasMarquette, MI  –  It’s well known throughout the Great Lakes Radio Studio that Halloween is a favorite among our staff. The 8th Day host, Todd Pazz, sat down with Luke Noordyk and Melissa to find the pros and cons of each holiday.

Luke started off with a shocking statement saying, “I would almost go on record to say I actually hate Halloween.” Halloween is Luke’s least favorite holiday out of every single national holiday out there!

Melissa (post writer for the Negaunee Miners), on the other hand decided she’d actually dress up this year and went as mini mouse!

Naturally, when we all think about Halloween, the first thing that may come to mind is, of course, the CANDY! Who doesn’t love wandering up to strangers houses and getting candy? Luke’s comeback to this was strong. Everyone loves candy, but no one, except your dentist, loves cavities!

Get in the Christmas Spirit! Photo by Saddleback Photography
Get in the Christmas Spirit!
Photo by Saddleback Photography

Todd came up with a second pro to Halloween by mentioned the lack of stress! At Halloween, relatives aren’t coming over. You don’t have to cook anything for a large number of people. You just get to sit at home attempting to scary people! Of course instead of having family over, you have children coming up to your porch all night, driving your dog insane. But you can even just leave a bowl of candy on the front porch if you’re not interested in “entertaining”.

It’s really the perfect “anti-social” holiday! If you dress up, no one knows you’re you. If you don’t want to pass out candy, you can just leave it out. If you don’t want to give out candy at all, just turn off the porch light, hide inside your house, and Netflix the night away.

On the other end of the scale, Luke did finally tell us his favorite holiday of the year, Christmas. Luke said, “It’s not so much about the gifts or the presents, but more what the season is really all about.” The Christmas spirit is like a virus, once it’s caught someone you know, it spreads like the smell of fresh gingerbread in the oven.

While Halloween is a night that does not have to be a family event, Christmas is very much family orientated. With the family around however, the stress of feeding them, and buying gifts for them becomes apparent! Is the gift you got nice enough? Do you have enough money to get everyone the gift they deserve? To get your family into the bitter, cold, winter-holiday season that your wallet begs to be rid of, check out Luke’s gift to you from one of his own family members!

Luke’s wife, Cori, had the idea to make a station that runs continuous Christmas music, and it’s back, on 106.1 FM. The Gift is a signal that started last year and fills the lives of the willing, and unwilling, with Christmas cheer!

Turn your radio to The Gift 106.1 FM and leave a comment saying what your favorite holiday is!

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