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Run for Your Life! Or Walk: It’s for Charity

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These baby zombies are way too cute to be scary!

Marquette, MichiganOctober 21, 2015 – Down the long, twisting  curves of Silver Creek Road stands Teaching Family Homes, a non-profit that houses youth that were removed from abusive/neglectful homes.

Every year, they hold a 5K zombie run to raise awareness for the kids living there. Proceeds from ticket sales went to sponsor mentorship programs.

Todd Paz sat down with their Director of Fund Development and Public Relations, Rich Rossway, and got the chilling details on the non-profit and its annual Silver Creek Zombie Run.

The zombies got really into it!
The zombies got really into it!

The run started five years ago as your basic run-of-the-mill 5K, but after two years, they wanted to mix it up and thus, the zombie run was… ALIVEEE. In their official third year of zombification, beautiful weather invited many runners to the 4 p.m. race on October 10, 2015.

There were plenty of chances to run for your life, but there was also opportunities to play dead and stalk victims, I mean participants, for no charge,  though donations were welcome to support the non-profits goal.

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