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You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It too With Kosher Baker Paula Shoyer’s Recipes!

Chocolate Dessert
Chocolate Moose Torte

Marquette, MI  –  August 15, 2015  –  Saturday morning, the 8th Day host, Todd Paz, brought something to the table that most people definitely do not think about often! Todd found Paula Shoyer, a Jewish Kosher baker, who has created what she calls, ” a kosher baking revolution”.

For a long time Shoyer thought that the desserts she grew up with at Jewish events were not very good. When she studied culinary arts in Paris, she found amazing recipes, but they were all packed with milk and cremes. As kosher Jews can not mix dairy and meat in one sitting, Shoyer faced this problem head on. When Shoyer came back to America, she decided to start her revolution and convert all of the dairy-rich recipes she had learned in France into dairy-free recipes!

Shoyer’s first book “The Kosher Baker”, has 160 different dairy free recipes all organized by baking time! Each recipe tells you exactly how long it should take to make and the difficulty of the recipe. Paula Shoyer believes that you do not need fantastic baking skills to make a great dessert! Her second book, “Holiday Kosher Baker”, is equally well designed with color coded pages to show difficulty of each recipe!

Dessert from Das Steinhaus
Das Steinhaus Dessert, Photo by Marie Strother

Shoyer started this conversion of recipes because of her personal ties to Judiasm, however, kosher products aren’t necessarily just for people of Jewish faith! Kosher foods can be a great resource for people with dietary limits and health problems! Most of Shoyer’s recipes are also dairy-free. This means any lactose intolerant person can still enjoy tasty sweet treats without an upset stomach.  You may have limitations, but that does not mean you need to give up enjoying what you eat!

If you have a dietary limitation or just enjoy cooking, look at Paula Shoyer’s website for recipes that will work for you! All three of her books, including her newest, “The New Passover Menu”, can be bought from her website or on amazon! With Paula Shoyer’s well organized cook books, she promises, “Everyone will find a recipe that they are comfortable, that they don’t find too challenging.”

If you’re interest in what Paula Shoyer has done, check out her website to view new recipes or event updates around the US, Canada and even as far as China and Israel! You can also follow her on twitter at @paulashower.

Listen to Todd Paz and Paula Shoyer from The 8th Day!


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