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A Trip to Scotland



Just a quick note of thanks to the staff here for putting up with my time away last week…but what a trip!

My wife Kristi and I celebrated our upcoming 20th wedding anniversary with a week in Edinburgh, Scotland and it was WONDERFUL!  Some of you wil remember we were there in April with our son Jared and just fell in love with the city and the country.  But, there were a ton of things we wanted to take in that a 13 year-old would have hated…so we went back just the two of us.

We enjoyed the National Gallery, the Scottish History Museum, a day trip to a little seaside town called North Burwick; as well as some time with my brother John who was there with his family as he teaches during the summer at the University of Edinburgh.

If you ever get the chance, make Edinburgh Scotland a destination!   Here are some places you MUST see!




Good to be home!!


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