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Sunny + Night = Moony?


Hi, Brian Williams here (not the famous one unfortunately). I’m an intern at Sunny, and starting soon, they’re giving me my own show! You gotta admire their courage.

For those who don’t know me: (if you already know me you’re not gonna learn anything new here!)

I am from Marquette, and have lived here since I was born. I’m attending NMU, and will be graduating in May with a degree in Media Production! When I’m not in class or at the station, you might see me at the PEIF playing basketball or trying to get in shape. I love music, sports, comedy, and I use sarcasm like bad drivers use turn signals.

I’ll be doing the overnight show at Sunny, which has me thinking, when the sun sets, is it still Sunny? I think the late night show should be called Moony. I’ll try running that by the rest of the staff here. What you think?

I look forward to spending the night on air and playing music for you fellow night owls! Tune in to Sunny Overnight with Brian Williams!


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