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Go On Vacation In Style And Have Someone Else Do The Driving

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Checker Bus Tours is the way to vacation.

Marquette, MI  – February 2, 2015  – Can you imagine taking your family on a historical trip to Washington D.C.?  Plus having someone else do all the driving on a deluxe motor coach to Washington D.C.?

Lane Dawson from Checker Bus Tours Does The Guiding
Lane Dawson from Checker Bus Tours Does The Guiding

Can you imagine someone else setting up the tour for an inside, bird’s-eye view of the capital building, the White House, the Smithsonian, George Washington’s home on Mt. Vernon, the Memorials, Gettysburg, Willamsburg, Amish country and so much more?

Now imagine how much time it would take to do all that planning by yourself. Imagine everyone piling into their cars, stopping at different rest stops, and having to wait for everyone to finally arrive!

Why bother with the hassle of trying to wrangle the whole family together after a long, boring car ride? Why not just call CheckerTransport.com and arrive peacefully?

CheckerTransport.com does it all. Checker goes where you want to go.
A deluxe trip this spring to Washington D.C. to experience first-hand our nation’s capital.
A French speaking trip to Canada.
A wine-tasting trip to Traverse City.
A fun-filled outing to Lambeau Field to see the Packers play the Lions.
A cab ride around town or the U.P. in Checker’s new Prius cabs.
A wedding spectacular in the Checker Bus Limo or the Checker Trolley, so 40 of your close friends and family can celebrate your special day together.

Announcing Checker-Cash… Get $10 certificate or $500 certificates. Use up to 5 at a time.
Upbargains.com invites you on a CheckerTransport.com trip.
Use your CheckerCash.com certificates to take a trip.
Take A Deluxe Trip, Go to Lambeau, Take a Cab Ride,

Major Discount at upbargains.com Saves People Money On Trips
Major Discount at upbargains.com Saves People Money On Trips

Major Discount invites you to get some Checker Cash from upbargains.com and book the trip.

Here’s how it works to get the certificates from upbargains.com…
Visit checkertransport.com and review the trips
Call 906-228-6800 and reserve certificates.
Get $10 certificates and use up to 5 at a time any time this year on a Checker Cab ride
Get a $500 certificate so you and a buddy can use it toward a Packers-Lions trip.
Get up to 5-$500 certificates and you and a friend can travel to Washington D.C.
Pick your trip – get your CheckerCash and enjoy Marquette’s premier Motorcoach company

Get up to 5-$10 Checker Cash certificates for a deluxe Checker Cab ride.
There are 8 Checker cabs, new Priuses, clean comfortable, reliable.
CheckerTransport.com services everywhere, around the county, to the airport, to Houghton. Call 906-226-7777

Checker Trolley For WeddingsGet two $500 Checker Cash certificates and Rent the Trolley for your wedding this summer:
Wedding parties… Checker will pick you and your friends up at a specific area,
Checker can move 57, 42, 40, 35, 20, etc. at a time. You name the amount, CheckerTransport.com will take care of the driving.
Checker will take you to the wedding and the Trolly or Checker Limo Bus stays there
Come down the steps after the wedding and you and your friends get to drive around to numerous places, take good pictures, do more sightseeing,
And finally, Checker will drop you all off safely at the hall for the reception…
Your Checker Transport Driver will be dressed perfectly and will be very courteous…
Your could rock out to your favorite jams or even have a roaming musician join the tour…

Checker Limo Bus

Get up to 5 – $500 Checker Cash certificates for any special event for families and businesses.
Checker works with local businesses that are having people picked up at one area and brought
to another. Maybe you and your business friends wish to work with 3-4 stores doing a
promotion together and you wish to shuttle folks for the day between your stores..

You can rent the Checker Limo Bus to go to a game.
Get up to 5 – $500 Checker Cash certificates and go to the game in style with your family and friends.
Checker can move 57, 42, 40, 35, 20, etc. at once – whatever the number, CheckerTransport.com will do the driving.
Checker offers Drinks and snacks, group travel to a game,
The group leader sets it up, CheckerTransport.com will take your group to a game, take them to a meal…
Everything is all prearranged and setup. Spend the night at the hotel and the limo remains, breakfast included. The Checker Bus Limo picks you up at the front door and back to the UP you go.
Checker bus transports have WiFi in them as well and even satellite television so you can watch another game as it goes down the road.

Get a $500 Checker Cash certificate and Rent the Pedal Cruiser for your wedding this summer:
Wedding parties… Friends… Teams… Checker will guide you as you pedal.
It’s powered by the passengers, 15 can go.Checker Transport Pedal Cruiser


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