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This Eagle in 3D on the Sidewalk in Town is Ready to Fly


This chalk master piece made me think of my dad, Stuart Paul Noordyk.

He died from smoking 17 years ago, and today would have been his birthday.  He died before I was even 40 years old which seemed too young for me to handle.

17 years later, I still enjoy my family especially my mom. She’s wonderful and is always there when I need to talk, or just to reminisce about the past.

In 1983, after college I mentored under my dad. He was positive and very energetic. I spent 10 years in advertising and buying/selling as an entrepreneur with him.

He’d make fun comments too. When we had tough times with people or projects he’d always say, “How do you expect me to fly like an eagle, when I have so many turkeys around me?

My dad always said "As you work, Fly Like An Eagle"


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