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Six Cars Sold to Happy Owners at Frei Chevrolet

This 2010 Chevy Camaro only has 6,000 miles!
This 2010 Chevy Camaro only has 6,000 miles!

Marquette, MIJuly 13, 2018Frei Chevrolet‘s driveway got its fair share of wear and tear today as several vehicles rolled off the lot driven by satisfied customers.  Major Discount was on the scene, but the cars were leaving so quickly, he wasn’t even able to get a picture!

It's Truck Month at Frei Chevrolet!
It’s Truck Month at Frei Chevrolet!

Frei Chevy Service Director James Lafferty joined the Major to talk about the great service department at Frei Chevrolet and how they can help if your car is having issues (even on a Saturday).  He went on to explain “Certified Pre-Owned”, and why you should get your tires at Frei Chevrolet!

Great deals on new pickups from Frei Chevrolet
Great deals on new pickups from Frei Chevrolet

Additionally, July is Truck Month at Frei Chevrolet!  Here in the U.P., there’s no substitute for a sturdy, reliable pickup truck, and with the prices they offer, there’s no better place to get one than Frei Chevy.  Get a 2018 Silverado or Colorado for going out to camp and save tons of cash at Frei Chevrolet!

Also, everybody was excited to talk about Silverado Summer Giveaway party on Thursday, July 19.  Check your mail and don’t throw out your invitation.  One lucky person will drive away with a two-year lease on a brand-new Silverado from Frei Chevrolet!

Listen to audio from the live broadcast below:

Major Discount kicks off Frei Friday at Frei Chevrolet

The Major is joined by James Lafferty, the Service Director at Frei Chevy

James and the Major talk about the pre-owned selection

Major Discount asks James about Frei’s brake service

James tells you about great deals on tires from Frei Chevy

The Major talks with Bill Tibor about the 2010 Transformers Camaro at Frei Chevy

Mark Evans joins the Major to explain why he switched to Chevy

Major Discount talks with Mark about all the awards that Chevy has won

The Major tells you to come down to Frei Chevy

Major Discount talks about the great savings at Frei

The Major goes over some of the great pre-owned vehicles on the lot

Major Discount says farewell from Frei Chevrolet


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