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Morning Show Musings – Gas prices in Marquette, MI.

CITGO 5-25-11 WKQS-fm photo (906) 228-6800
A sign of things to come. Interestingly enough, this photo is from last April.

MARQUETTE, MI – (WKQS FM) – Lo and behold!  The latest story about gas prices came across the news wire this morning and I was a bit surprised with what I found.  Usually Triple A reports that the highest gas prices (among cities they survey) in the state are found in Marquette.

This reoccurring scenario has resulted in people across the state deciding to stay away from the Marquette area because of the expense of getting here from far away locales.  This information, released to the masses, has hurt the tourism business in our area fairly significantly.

So as I read the story, I was surprised to find that Marquette is not the highest in the state this week.  Although gas prices have increased about 25 cents a week for the last few weeks, Marquette’s reported price is $3.93 a gallon.  That’s the current state average price as well!

The highest prices are in the Traverse City area at $3.99 a gallon this time around.  “That’s good news!” I thought to myself.  Then I remembered that I filled the tank on my Chevy Trailblazer yesterday for $79.00.


Makes me shudder to think what’s going to come this summer travel season.

-Walt Lindala



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