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The new iPad is coming. I think of it as a little apple


I don’t have any Apple products personally. But my daughter does, my other daughter does, my son does, his wife does, friends from church do, my 80 year uncle does, even my pastor does. And he’s kinda old…

I enjoy Apples...Ummm

I tend to stay in the Droid Open Source market, using my droid and portable apps on my computer.

But I’ve always believed an Apple a day keeps the doctor away.

But really, it’s like an Apple Orchard around me.

And now there’s a little apple.

On Valentine Day, a report in The Wall Street Journal

Look Mom, I can hold it in my left hand!

claimed that suppliers have shown Apple samples of a device with an 8-inch class screen.

Suppliers of the sample 8-inch class panels include AU Optronics and LG Display, according to the Journal.

A CNET report--citing supply-chain sources–back in October when suppliers were yapping about a 7.85-inch screen.

If Apple commits to commercial production of a smaller iPad–which is unknown at this point–it would be a big step in expansion of the iPad line. To date, the iPad has been offered with a 9.7-inch screen only. And differences between models are limited to, for example, storage capacity and to networking–Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi with 3G.

Reports of the smaller iPad follow a rash of speculation about a follow-on to the iPad 2–or so-called iPad 3. Rumors point to a March announcement of an iPad 3 with a 9.7-inch screen but boasting a much higher resolution than the iPad 2.

Listen, just give me a fresh bag of crisp, red Delicious apples, the small ones,  and I’ll be happy.  

And by the way…Do you prefer Open Source or Apple products?

Look a smaller iPad. I thought the size of the current iPad was perfect. But smaller has proved to be better.


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