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A Man Made Paradise Is A Sunny Thought When I See Snowbanks Out There


34 degrees this afternoon in the Upper Peninsula under beautiful bright sunshine and blue skies inspired me to click around a bit to find someplace that looks like this, but much warmer.

It did not help that my friend called me after lunch today and mentioned that he and his family had just driven to Florida. He rubbed in a bit that they were in Tampa enjoying sunshine and fresh orange juice.

Wonder what it might cost to go visit this Island from Michigan?

So today my mind wondered as the snow melted in Negaune and drips of water was coming off the steel roof. As I watched the day unfold, I stumbled onto Palm Island Dubai, United Arab Emirates. WOW…Look at this Island they created 5 years ago. I like Wikipedia’s explanation.

Cool Pictures! Check out the incredible picture gallery of this from space and from jets and helicopters.

Why did they make a Palm Tree Island off the coast? They said it was made to handle population growth and heavy tourism. Ok then!

I liked this NASA video of the growth cycle.


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