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New Jeans Ruined – This is Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

Marquette, MI. –  This week, I’m to blame for the rip in my new pair of jeans.  I’m always joking about our dogs being the reason that “We can’t have nice things”.  When they run through the house with muddy paws or jump into bed covering the new sheets with hair… But this week, I’m the reason.

I bought a new pair of jeans last weekend and the very first time I wore them I ripped the leg.  I hadn’t even washed them and I was being so careful.  I know what you’re thinking, careful… right… But I really was trying to be careful! 

I wasn’t horsing around or doing anything that would lead to this kind of wear-n-tear.  I was just walking down the hall when the bottom corner of a panel reached out and grabbed my pant leg.  I heard “Rip” Looking down I saw my new pair of jean with threads hanging out of the leg and I knew I’d buggered them up.

If you’re like me and seem to always spill coffee on your new shirt, rip your pant leg the first time out, or have destroyed something new the first time you used it let me know in the comments below.


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