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Saturday Morning with Italian Moka Coffee and Finnish Kropsua Pancakes

Moka Coffee for Saturday Morning Breakfast
Our Moka Coffee Pot – Thanks Amazon.com

Marquette, Mi – I often wake up Saturday morning to find a busy schedule filling up the weekend with Honey Do’s and big plans to seize the day by packing in fun and friends. This winter we tried to keep the dogs active and Saturday seemed to be the perfect day to bust out of the house and take them for a walk once the day started to warm up.

But, the best part of Saturday mornings is breakfast.  I’ve got a whole folder of pictures on my phone of delicious weekend meals. Bacon like you wouldn’t believe, puddles of real maple syrup, heaps of farm fresh eggs, classic family recipes that have been past down… If you can’t tell our Saturday morning breakfasts are a big deal!

This past weekend was no exception with Italian Moka Coffee (Amazing!) and an old family recipe for Kropsua a Finnish Oven Pancake that came from my wives grandma.  Kropsua is an eggy, buttery, oven baked pancake that’s to die for.  I’ve had similar recipes from others but Cori’s grandma’s are the best.

Finnish Pancake Kropsua Saturday Morning Breakfast
Finnish Oven Pancake – Kropsua baking away in the oven.  I couldn’t help but take a peek.

I’m a huge coffee drinker and Italian Moka Coffee is killer stuff. It’s thick and strong almost like espresso, but brings more caffeine kick to the table – Oh Yeah.

If you’ve never tried it and like coffee, you should defiantly check it out.  Drinking it black isn’t for the faint of heart though, so I’d suggest a little cream to cut some bitterness.  The pot is small but you’ll end up with delicious and effective wake up to the weekend.

I can’t wait for tomorrow morning to see what Cori’s going to whip up for us to indulge on and jump start the weekend fun.


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