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Sandwich Tips to Keep Lunch Fun and Tasty

Luke Delicious Sandwich Are you Hungry
This is pan fried pastrami on Gluten Free bread, with kraut and home made thousand island dressing.

Marquette, Michigan – I Love sandwiches! They’re probably my favorite food, good thing as I try to eat one every day. When I worked tower construction I did eat sandwiches every day, but it’s been more difficult for me this past winter. (In fact I feel like I’m in a total lunch lull.)

So how can I eat, or try to eat a sandwich every day and not get bored with them. I follow a few simple guide lines to keep my sandwiches spiced up and tasting good.

First thing to consider is the bread.

Bad bread can make or break a sandwich. I’ve tried a ton of different breads looking for just the right kind. I’ve tried gluten free, multi grain, white, buns, bakery fresh…. the list goes on and on. I’ve found a dense yet soft multi grain with a sturdy crust to be the best. It has to hold up to being eaten by hand, not crumble and of course taste good. Lately I’ve seen quite a few gluten free breads that actually aren’t terrible.

Second is the MEAT.

I try to vary proteins as much as I can.  My favorite is ham, but introducing some salami or a good lean turkey can really make a sandwich pop.  An amazing trick from my wife is to pan fry them to transform the an ordinary sandwich into a great warm meal that’s perfect for a cold day.  You can also melt your cheese on there.  Speaking of cheese, let’s get to number 3.

Cheese is third on the list but can be a deal breaker.

My heritage is Dutch, so I know my cheeses.  To keep true to my ancestors I often select a smoked Gouda. But depending on the day and meat choice, the Sharpest Cheddar I can find comes in at a close second the the Gouda King!

Veggies… Not required for me, but take sandwiches to the next level.

I almost always have lettuce on my sandwiches and oh my what a tomato can do to brighten it up.  (Tip – I put salt and black pepper on the tomato so it stays put and shows up in every bite.)  I’ve had to go without veggies on many occasions, and I was fine.  But it’s really fun to ad a level of crunch here, even with a simple pickle you can texturally transform the dish and will find yourself looking for another bite.  Don’t be a veggie hater, get it on that plate. ;-)

Finally, it’s all about the Sauce.

Mustard, Mayo, or maybe your Top Secrete Super Sauce….  I have to have something to tie it all together.  What I choose depends on how well I’ve put together the first four in the list.  If the breads very fresh I don’t use as much and a juicy tomato can go along way to help with the moisture content.  The top condiment for me has always been plain yellow mustard!  (Boring I know… but a classic)


So, to break your lunch time lull try out a few of my tried and true sandwich fixes.  And here’s one more  –   If you’re trying to watch your calories, drop one piece of meat out, add another leaf of lettuce, skip the fatty dressing, and be sure to ad some cracked pepper.


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