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Top 7 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat

Stanley the black and I found each other at UPAWS a year ago.

Marquette, MI –  October 27, 2016  –  Today is Black Cat Day, a day to celebrate the majesty of these slinky, inky felines. In honor of Black Cat Day, I’ve put together a list of reasons why you should go out and get yourself a beautiful black cat.

  1. Black Cats are so fashionable! They’re always ready for a formal event with their silky black fur. You can even snuggle with your black cat before you go out because when they shed all over you, it matches your little black dress!
  2. You won’t lose them in the snow! Chance are you’ll keep your kitty safe and warm inside the house where he belongs, but if he does get out, he should be pretty easy to spot (especially in the snow)!
  3. Good Luck? Even though black cats often represent bad luck and all things spooky here in the U.S., many cultures consider them a symbol of good luck. The Scots believe a stray cat on their porch will bring them good fortune. And let’s not forget about the Egyptians. Cats were worshiped, especially black cats, and to kill one was a crime punishable by death!

    Stanley caught a mouse!  ;D
  4. They’re great mousers! Cats are natural nocturnal predators, but black cats have an advantage with their hard-to-spot black coats. They’re nearly invisible in the dark so they can pounce without being detected!
  5. They’re healthier! Researchers are mapping the cat genome and believe that the gene mutation causing their black fur also makes them more disease resistant than their more colorful counterparts. Healthier kitties mean less trips to the vet – which means less car rides with anxious, howling cats who don’t like their carriers!
  6. They’re like miniature panthers. Who wouldn’t want their very own little panther stalking through their house? Black cats are fun to watch as they streak through the house and leap gracefully into the air to catch their favorite toy!
  7. And the best reason to get a black cat? They look like Toothless from “How to Train Your Dragon!” That’s right! My cat cracks me up all the time because I catch him in poses that remind me of Toothless. Actually my cat cracks me up because he’s such a big, lovable goofball!
My goofball Stan does a pretty good Toothless impersonation!

Stanley and I found each other a year ago at UPAWS. I fell in love with his bright eyes and playful nature. He’s been a perfect companion who naps behind me on the couch while I read; he begs for belly rubs each night before we go to sleep; and he’s a world-class smurgler. If you’re looking for a furry little buddy, go check out UPAWS and give a lucky little kitty a purr-ever home!