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An Eventful Weekend in MQT


What are you doing this weekend? Let me tell you.

There are two awesome events happening in Marquette Saturday night, first off, the 3rd Annual Downtown Showdown will be happening on Washington Street, if you’ve never been, the event is a very exciting display of snowboarders and skiers getting huge air on a giant jump set up on the last block of Washington Street!

Here’s some footage from the 1st Annual event:

The second event you should check out this weekend is Toki Wright and the Big Cats with Special Guest Ashley Dubose (from NBC’s The Voice)! Coco’s Restaurant on Lakeshore Drive just recently started opening up on weekend nights as a music venue, and Saturday night they have some great musicians traveling from Minneapolis!

Toki Wright and the Big Cats is a spectacular band from Minneapolis that has been receiving alot of recognition for their newest album, Pangea.

Ashley Dubose is a phenomenal singer/songwriter from Minneapolis who has appeared on NBC’s The Voice.

Also opening the show is local Marquette group Petty Tyrants. Both these events should be very exciting! Support a great tradition in the Downtown Showdown and a new exciting music venue at Coco’s!


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