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Uplifting News: 2/16/15


The love was in the air this Valentine’s weekend and there was alot of positive news to share! Here’s my favorite uplifting news stories of the week:

He’s Hired! A Target employee helped a Raleigh, NC teenageer who was searching for a clip-on tie for an upcoming interview. When the teen told the worker he was searching for a clip-on tie, the employee told the teen that the store didn’t sell ties, but then he helped the nervous teen learn how to tie a real tie! The teen then went to his interview at Chik-Fil-A, and he ended up getting the job! Respect to the Target worker who changed that kid’s life!

Love is in the Air! A Vancouver company celebrated the day of love by offering free marriages on Valentine’s Day! All couples had to do was bring a marriage certificate and they were provided a complimentary commissioner and two hours for the ceremony!

Naked & Afraid? A UK bus driver saved the life of a man who was trapped in a burning building while taking a shower! The naked man climbed out his second story window, and as he looked for a safe place to jump, a bus driver saw him, and reversed his bus so that the man could jump onto the bus to get out of the building safely!

A Baby’s Best Friend! A couple’s dog made them very suspicious when the dog started growling and barking when the new babysitter would come over to watch the couple’s young child. The paranoid couple then placed an iPhone in their couch to record the next time the babysitter came over, and what they heard was something no parent wants to hear: the babysitter yelling and cussing at the infant, followed by the infant crying out in pain. Thanks to the protective dog, the parents found out and stopped the abuse from happening again.

Last but not least, NYC Is still murder-free! The city of New York has gone a record-setting 12 straight days without a reported homicide.

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