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The Gift, and Curse, Of Sharing A Famous Name


Now as you may have already noticed, I share the same first and last name as Brian Williams, the famous TV host of NBC’s Late Night with Brian Williams. Ever since I started school, every single year I have faced the terribly unoriginal jokes of teachers and professors as I introduced myself on the first day.

One perk of having a famous name is that every time Brian Williams does something cool or funny, I get to see my name all over Facebook, Twitter, etc. So when I saw “Brian Williams” as a trending topic last night, I expected to click and see another hilarious super-cut video of him rapping, courtesy of Jimmy Fallon, like this:

But much to my disappointment, the reason his name was trending was not good. Brian Williams admitted to lying about a story he told in 2003 about being aboard a helicopter that was under attack

Well, while us Brian Williams’ are opening up about things, I’d like to apologize for a story I told on the air last week. I claimed to have walked to work, but in reality, I rode the bus. I’m truly sorry and apologize to everyone misguided by this information. I don’t know what screwed up in my mind that caused me to conflate one form of transportation with another.

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