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Da5: Meanest Pranks Imaginable


Pranks can be a fun way to catch a friend, coworker or family member off guard. They can also be extremely evil. With April only a couple months away you might want to start planning some hilariously evil pranks. Here’s Da5 meanest pranks I can imagine:

Note: These pranks can get you in trouble, so don’t point the finger at me!

Warning: You Might Spark Serious Accusations

5: Text, delete, airplane mode. This prank is pretty cruel and can even get someone fired, or ruin a relationship, sooo… use it with caution. But it’s simple: if an unknowing victim leaves his or her phone out, text something embarassing to one of their contacts. After that, destroy the evidence. Delete the text, then put the phone on airplane mode so that that person won’t know the bomb you just dropped until they take airplane mode off. Deliciously evil, but don’t send the text to their boss! No one deserves to get fired over a prank, no matter how funny it is.




The Metal Lock is Too Evil

4: Put a bike lock on someone’s bike, dont tell them the code. This prank will not only leave the victim temporarily bikeless, but they’ll also have to think of a way to take the lock off without looking like a criminal to passerby’s. A creative twist on this prank would be making the combo an answer to a complicated math problem. How’s that for practical education?





Artist Depiction
Artist Depiction

3: Replace their cooking spray with spray paint. Now before you do this, keep two things in mind: if the person is about to use one of their favorite cooking pans, you might want to buy them a new one, and if they’re planning on preparing food for you, you might want a pizza ordered in advance. This prank might require the most work, because you’ll have to take the label off of a cooking spray can and wrap it around a spray paint can. Picking a good color will make this prank, imagine the look on their face when their cooking spray turns their pan green!




Some People Won't Let You Cut Their Earphones
Some People Won’t Let You Cut Their Earphones

2: Cut the cord to their earbuds This prank would be the most heartbreaking to me, because there’s few things I love more than listening to one of my favorite albums with headphones on. This prank is especially evil because it will not only ruin a great listening experience but it will also ruin a pair of headphones. So stick to the cheap, gas station ear buds if you’re going to do this, don’t cut the cord on a $300 pair of top-notch headphones or you might find yourself buying a pair.




1: The fake desktop prank Everyone knows that leaving your laptop open is pretty much an open letter for pranksters. This prank takes a small amount of computer knowledge, but it’s definitely worth it. First, screen shot the person’s desktop. Then, make that screen shot their new desktop image (if you do it right it’ll look like nothing changed). Then, hide or delete all of the buttons and shortcuts on the desktop, and wait for them to try using their laptop. Get ready for the face of pure confusion as they try to understand why clicking on their icons isn’t doing anything!


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