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Let the Experts at Quality Car Care Center Winterize Your Car

Quality Car Care Center Marquette Michigan Owners Pete and Jeff Kontio Western Plow
Quality Car Care Center owners Pete and Jeff Kontois with the Western Wide-Out Plow, a Featured Item on UPBargains.com

Marquette, Michigan  –  November 13, 2014  –  Winter hit the U.P. hard this week and there’s still time to winterize your car before we get any more snow! The Auto Care Professionals at Quality Car Care Center in Marquette not only provide repairs and tire sales, they can also winterize your vehicle and plow.

Winterizing your car can save big money on costly repairs later, so give them a call and set up a Winter Check Up for your vehicle. The professionals at Quality Car Care will inspect and bring to specifications the following fluid levels: battery, transmission, cooling system, brake, clutch, master cylinder, and power steering.

They will also inspect and assess your belts and hoses, shock absorbers, and front and rear brakes; adjust and verify your tire condition and tire pressure; and perform the following services:

  • Oil change (up to 5 quarts of motor oil)
  • Replace oil filter
  • 4 tire rotation
  • 4 wheel balance
  • Cooling system drain and refill including one gallon of antifreeze (Dexcool and Asian Red Coolant are extra).
Quality Car Care Center Marquette Michigan Front of Business
Quality Car Care Center of Marquette – Your one-stop automotive service center.

You should also check that your wiper blades are in good condition and make proper contact with the windshield surface. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months to a year or if your wipers leave a trail of streaks across your windshield or you notice tears or cracks in the blade, it’s time to replace them.

Quality Car Care also sells and installs plows. If you have questions about installation or which plow to buy to fit a particular truck, give the Quality Car Care team a call. They’ll help you get the right equipment and plow to fit your truck. They also service older plows and can get yours ready for snow season, including making sure all your connections are clean and greased. They’ll check the frame and make sure it’s still strong enough for another season of plowing.

Let Quality Care Care Center ease your vehicle maintenance worries. You can count on owners and brothers Jeff and Pete Kontio and their team to diagnose and repair all types of vehicles on the road today. Consider the team at Quality Car Care Center of Marquette, Inc. your one-stop automotive and tire service center.


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