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Build a Boat and Make it Float


Torrential Downpour in Marquette MIMr Bill in a Boat in the Parking LotWhat do you do when there is an intense downpour? Make a paper boat and float “Mr. Bill” down the parking lot of course!

With a paper food tray as a boat, and a creative coffee filter person, this 5 minute project was set to sail.

I walked outside to watch the memorable take off and was a little shocked when boat started to inch across the parking lot. It actually floated!

Water was everywhere in the parking lot in Marquette MIThe boaWe have a parking lot lake in Marquette MIt ended it’s journey in a small “lake” near the edge of the lot. Curious to see how long the boat would last, the few people who braved the rain slipped back inside dripping wet.

When I went to retrieve the boat, our little paper filter model was looking a little worse for the wear but the boat had crossed the entire parking lot before drifting ashore! That little boat could really travel!


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