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20 Things You Can Still Do To Make This The Best Summer Ever!


Panoramic view of Teal Lake Beach in Negaunee July 12 2014Marquette, Michigan  –  August 5, 2014  –  Here it is, already August and summer is nearly over! Did you take full advantage of these long summer days? If not, here’s a list of things you can still do to make the most of your summer before it’s gone:

    1. Watch the sun rise and set. Don’t forget your camera.
    2. Go swimming at the beach. If you don’t like the way it feels to put your sandy toes into your sandals, throw some baby powder in your bag and sprinkle it on your calves and feet generously when you’re ready to leave. The powder absorbs the moisture and the sand brushes easily off your skin.
    3. Drink some iced coffee or tea. For best results, cold brew your own coffee in the fridge and pour it over ice.
    4. Eat some ice cream! Check out the Shopping Show for some money-saving certificates to Jilbert Dairy and indulge.
    5. Go berry picking — eat all the berries before you get home. Berries are best when they’re straight off the bush anyway.
    6. Throw on your favorite summer outfit and have lunch at a restaurant with a patio.
    7. Lay on your back in the grass at the park and watch the clouds roll by.
    8. Read a book at the beach.
    9. Have a bonfire on the beach — invite everybody you know. Get there early and stay too late. Build a sand castle while you’re there.
    10. Watch fireworks – You can catch some in Gwinn on August 23rd after the Meet the ModelTowners event!
    11. Go camping – this only counts if you make s’mores.
    12. Go on a day trip and pack a picnic lunch. Act like a tourist.
    13. Buy a great pair of sunglasses – lose them within a week.
    14. Take a boat ride.
    15. Attend an outdoor concert.
    16. Eat watermelon. Have a seed-spitting contest.
    17. Cut a pair of jeans into shorts.
    18. Go to a zoo.
    19. Lay under the evening sky and watch the stars or a meteor shower. The Perseids are coming up with peak times between August 11 and 13.
    20. Find a dark place and look up! Buy a cheap photo album and go crazy decorating it. Print off all the photos you took this summer and put them in it.
Lake Superior shoreline near Munising
Get to the beach! We have so many beautiful shores along Lake Superior.

There you have it: 20 things you can still do to make this the best summer ever. How many of these have you already done?


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