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It’s a “Win the Beef” Giveaway!

Great Lakes Radio, Jilbert Dairy, SIR Federal Credit Union
Look for this sign at registry locations!

We’re giving a 1/4 premium beef to 4 lucky winners at the 4-H Livestock Sale at the Marquette County Fair!

That’s right. It will be an entire steer split among 4 winners. You could also win a YEAR’s worth of milk from Jilbert Dairy, and just by registering, you’ll get a FREE pass to the Marquette County Fair.

To become an instant finalist, all you have to do is call in to Sunny at 8am, noon or 5pm, when you hear the cows from Gwinn “MOO!”

We’ll ask you a trivia question and sign you up to receive your fair pass, raffle ticket, and livestock sale invitation that will qualify you to win a full 1/4 fresh beef!

You can also sign up to register by random drawing at Jilbert Dairy, or SIR Federal Credit Union of Marquette, Negaunee, or Gwinn! Write your name, address, phone number and email on the yellow slip, put it in the bucket and you could be randomly drawn as a finalist. Make sure you write legibly to maximize your chances!

Jilbert Dairy, SIR Federal Credit Union, Great Lakes Radio
Win the Beef and have it YOUR way

Finalists will need to be present at the 4-H Livestock Sale at the Marquette County Fair on August 10th at noon in order to win. Four winners will be selected, who will then be able to specify exactly how they want their meat: steaks, hamburger, jerky, roasts–however you want it, that’s how you’ll get it.

And  the winner of the Jilbert Dairy Raffle will win milk for a year!

So get registered, and bring the family out to the Marquette County Fair on Saturday, August 10th. You could be a winner!

Must be 18 or older to register.


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