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Folk Dancers of Marquette Have Good Old-Fashioned Fun

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I just wanna DANCE!

Since 1968, the Folk Dancers have been meeting on Friday to dance the evening away with their friends accompanied by the upbeat strings of old European folk music.

Bob Railey has led the recreational dance group since about 1978, he said, providing instruction and music to an average of 10-15 participants per week.

No partner is necessary, but soft-soled shoes are recommended. They meet most Fridays at 7 pm and there is a $2 charge to participate.

Some dances date back to Elizabethan England (1650), Railey said, but most are more recent with many songs coming from the Balkan countries.

Certain songs sped up with each round and the dancers laughed often, trying to stay together as Bob called the steps.

Louise Anderson, a MQT Folk Dancer since 1988, said she loves getting together with her friends every Friday to learn something universal, exercise and have fun.

“It’s hard,” she said. “But you don’t think about it because you’re so distracted, until you get home and realize you’re perspiring!”


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