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2 Billion Christians Celebrate The Resurection Around The World


MarquetteMarch 30, 2103 – Easter weekend has come and Silver Creek Church in Harvey and about 100 people celebrated the historical significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ which is at the center of Christianity.

100 plus people enjoyed a fantastic worship service with a guitar band, excellent singers in 5 part harmony, dramatic renditions of Biblical characters, and Pastor Kevin Taylor enthusiastically sharing a moving sermon on who Jesus was, and what he did.

Silver Creek Church Marquette singers
This was an inspiring performance tonight with good actors, excellent 5 part harmony, and the star of the show Jesus “The Christ”

Taylor pointed out that Christianity, unlike all other religions, has it’s leader still alive. Christ died but rose again. Abraham, Buddha, Muhammad have all died and have remained dead. Jesus Christ arose, and some 500 people witnessed this fact after the 40 days following his Crusifiction on a Roman Cross about 2,000 years ago.

Silver Creek Church is in Harvey Michigan right across from Cit-go on Silver Creek road. The services on Easter Sunday are at 9 and 11 and are well worth going too. You will enjoy some amazing characters and harmonies and a solid motivating message of Hope.


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