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Show Me Your Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

Stanley the Cat in his ugly Christmas Sweater
Stanley the Cat sporting his best holiday sweater (He required food to stand still long enough for me to snap the picture).

Ishpeming, MI   –  December 4, 2015  –  The Holidays are here and it’s time to dig out your festive ugly sweater for all those ugly sweater contests and office parties.

I’m actually planning on picking up an ugly sweater this year for a sweet photo op with my new cat and my pup.

I’m not sure how this is going to go since the two of them haven’t been able to sit still around each other long enough for me to get a sweater on either of them (let alone take a picture), but we’re slowly working on that.

Now, Stanley the Cat does not like to wear his sweater unless treats are involved. He walks around with stiff legs and then sits on the floor making pathetic yowling sounds at me until I take it off of him. I think he looks adorable in it, but he clearly doesn’t appreciate the tradition of the ugly holiday sweater.

German Shepherd Dog in a Brown Fleece Jacket
Nova’s such a good girl, she’ll let me dress her up in anything!

My lovable German Shepherd Nova, however, is a different story. She’s happy to sit there and let me dress her up without the treats. She gets so excited to be involved in anything I’m doing that she’ll let me dress her in hats, bandannas, jackets, dresses, and even sunglasses. Now I just need to find a green holiday sweater in her size (70 pound German Shepherds can be so difficult to shop for).

With a little luck and a lot of patience, I should be able to get a cute ugly sweater picture of me and my two adorable furbabies this year! If I can’t get one picture of all of us together, at least I’ll get a picture of myself with each of them in their holiday best.

Do you dress your pets up for the holidays? Share your pictures with us and we’ll share them with the world in an Ugly Holiday Sweaters Photo gallery!

From My Family to Yours, Meowy Christmas & Happy Howlidays!


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