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80 Years of Dust Gone in a Flash Thanks to SCI Cleaning & Maintenance

SCI Cleaning and Maintenance in Marquette MI
Thank you SCI Cleaning & Maintenance for clearing out 80 years of dust from my furnace!

Marquette, MI  –  October 29th, 2015  –  With 80 years of dust crammed into my furnace, my heating was becoming less efficient. With a cold winter ahead, I need my heating to work perfectly! Besides, I don’t want to pay for an outrageous electric bill!

Luckily, I knew just the man for the job. I called up Jason at SCI Cleaning & Maintenance. In no time, his air duct cleaning crew pulled up in front of my house. With the most up-to-date equipment around, SCI Cleaning & Maintenance easily whisked away the dust and grime from my furnace.

Thanks to SCI Cleaning & Maintenance, I am ready to take on the U.P.’s cold winter with a new, clean furnace! They did a spectacular job!

If you need your air ducts cleaned, call SCI Cleaning and Maintenance at 226-2612.


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