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Here’s a Bone Chilling Realization for You!


Marquette, MI – October 16, 2015 – This morning, I stumbled out my front door still half asleep as a cold blast of air hit my face. Mumbling to myself, I got in my car and drove off to work. As the sleep cleared from my eyes, I realized just what I was seeing through my windshield.

Truck covered in snow at Sunny 101.9 today
Truck covered in snow at Sunny 101.9fm today

Dropping by Office Max, I chatted for a bit with Dawn from West Ishpeming. We talked about the horrors we had both witnessed this morning. Dawn said all the lawns in her neighborhood were lined with the stuff. It covered the grass, the cars, and the windows! Nothing outside was safe.

But what is this stuff? Frost. Snow. Flurries of doom coming down from the sky! Dawn said she even saw Marquette County salt trucks on the roads. The funny part is, though, Negaunee Township didn’t get any snow! It seems like Republic and areas North of Iron Mountain got the real chill this morning.

I was shocked to find a truck parked outside of the Sunny 101.9 studios this morning with ice all over the hood.

It is always surprising when the first flurries drop from the skies. Winter is upon us. Are you ready?


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