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Marquette’s 4th of July Parade Took Over Washington Street [Gallery]


Marquette, MI The Marquette 4th of July parade returned to Washington Street yesterday, and the crowds were ready. It was a bit overcast but that did not diminish the amount of people celebrating nor did it decrease the energy. Everyone was there for a good time, and a good time is what happened.

Police Cars, Firetrucks, political candidates, and many local businesses and organizations showed up to raise spirits for the fourth.

Some of our friends showed up as well like Northland, Premium UP Sheds, TV6 and so much more. NMU was out in full swing getting people ready to support the local university in their sports for another year. Locally the Marquette Redettes and the MSHS Marching Band performed for the crowds. Everyone was into it.

MATI Clowns

Besides many people campaigning for offices, there were lots of people supporting voting, voting rights, and even peaceful protesters for women’s rights were among the crowd and joined the parade at the end for more support.

A handful of four-legged animal friends showed up including dogs and horses. Funny looking vehicles and classic rides rode through the parade to add a bit of variety and color to the mix as well.

Happy to have the parade back on the normal route again. After the parade many people went to the lower harbor Mattson Park for International Food Fest. The Marquette Fireworks were postponed to today (July 5th) but we have Pioneer Days to look forward to this week in Negaunee. See you there and enjoy the pictures.

Marquette’s parade photos below:


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