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Great Lakes Radio Delivers The Ultimate Cave Giveaway!

Ultimate Cave Giveaway Party from Great Lakes Radio
Mike Kutchie won $14,000 of furniture!

Diorite, MI  –  October 2, 2015  –  Great Lakes Radio partnered with E&E Furniture and Gwinn Furniture to deliver the Ultimate Cave Giveaway. Hundreds gathered on Thursday, October 1st to experience the event. Dozens of prizes were given away. Everyone had a great time. The Grand Prize winner, Champions own Mike Kutchie, was thrilled. He said, “As soon as I saw that this was the prize, I said, ‘This is the one I want to win.'” Everyone who attended, winners or not, walked out with a smile on their face. We played games, rode side-by-sides and ate delicious food prepared by Mama Russo’s – mmmm… mmm. Good!

Mike Kutchie Won the Ultimate Cave Giveaway
Look at all this GREAT furniture!
At around 8:30am on Friday Oct. 2nd, 2015 , Todd Noordyk and Nate Woodard from Great Lakes Radio met up with 5 representatives from Gwinn, E&E, and Ball and Christi Furniture for a hearty breakfast at The Country Grill before delivering the stock pile of awesome furniture.  When we arrived at his house, Mike was waiting for us. He had spent the night before clearing out a space for his new bar, sofa, chair, love seat, stools, and more. He began to explain that he had just built a new hunting camp and that he thinks he may add on an addition just to have room for the new furniture he won. Wow!! How exciting.
The prize could not have gone to a more appropriate winner. Mike told us how much he loved the end tables with the American Flag on them because he loves this country. He then explained that he found an American Flag in his Grandpa’s attic a few years back. The flag was hanging in the garage where we delivered the furniture. At first glance, it just looked like an ordinary flag, but Mike explained to us that this flag only had 48 stars!! It is a very historical flag, and now he can tie in his Grandpa’s flag with his new furniture!
This is the perfect example of a great story. We are happy for all who came out and enjoyed themselves at the event. We are also excited to see Mike’s new addition and how he chooses to use The Ultimate Cave Giveaway furniture.
Listen to Todd, Dale, and Gary talk about the great prize here:
Here’s what Mike had to say after winning the Ultimate Cave Giveaway!

See over 200 photos from the party here!

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