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The First Day of Autumn! It’s FINALLY Here!

Autumn Heart in Hermansville Michigan photo by Nancy Longtine
Autumn is the best time of year!

Marquette, MI  –  September 23, 2015  –  Excitement! As of midnight, Autumn is finally here! Today is the official First Day of Autumn. :-D Yaaaay!

Okay, I know… the unofficial start of fall is when Starbucks releases its Pumpkin Spice Latte and herds of yoga pants-clad women descend into coffee shops, but it’s OFFICIALLY fall today!

It’s not that I don’t like the other seasons – I love summer and all the fun that comes with it, winter is beautiful even though I don’t like driving in it, and spring… well, spring is muddy. I just love fall… more!

It’s my favorite time of year and I can’t wait for everything that comes along with it: beautiful fall foliage, gusty winds that howl through the trees, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

fall foliage in the backyard by Nancy Longtine
Autumn colors are amazing! Even my dog Nova likes to take a break and look at the colors.

Oh, and the colors are the best! Mother Nature knows a little something when it comes to a drastic wardrobe change – with leaves changing from their summer green to every shade of yellow, orange, and red, including pink, brown, and even blue! I have a hard time being inside during the autumn months, at least until the white stuff starts to fly.

The smells and tastes of autumn are as diverse as the colors. For me, autumn smells like cinnamon, clove, apples, pumpkins… well, that’s what my house smells like.

Outside, the smell of falling leaves reminds me of raking a yard full of leaves just to jump into the gigantic pile, of carving pumpkins with my kids and eating the roasted seeds, of trick-or-treating as a small kid and the caramel apples my mom used to make.

The Halloween decorations sneak out of the closets and onto my walls this time of year and that’s okay with me! I’m looking forward to seeing little cowboys and goblins as they run around town with the princesses and punk rockers. Fall is so much fun!

How would you describe fall? What autumn smells bring you back to your childhood? Comment below or share your fall pictures with us and we’ll share them with the world!



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