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Best Buy Accidentally Sells $200 Gift Cards for $15

Best Buy Website Mistake Offers $200 Gift Cards for $15
Best Buy’s Website Department Is Going To Have A Bad Day!

Late last night, thousands of people flocked to the Best Buy website to take advantage of glitch that offered $200 Gift Cards for only $15.

A Reddit user noticed the glitch and posted a link to the site around 11pm last night, and the news spread across the internet immediately.

Thousands of people flocked to the website, many buying 10+ cards, expecting to receive $2,000 worth of gift cards for only $150 (that would buy you a nice 4k TV).


Moments later, Best Buy noticed the glitch, and as you could imagine, they had a tough choice. Would they honor the gift cards, or cancel the orders? Best Buy chose an evil third option: charge everyone that purchased a gift card full price. Many disappointed buyers found themselves calling their bank to explain the overdrafts:  

Should Best Buy honor the gift cards? Tell us below!


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