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Football Night in Negaunee – The Miners Beat The Bulldogs 30-28 For The First Time in 125 Years on SunnyFM

Negaunee Miners Take on the Hancock Bulldogs
The Miners beat the Bulldogs 30-28.

Negaunee, MichiganFriday, September 7th, 2018 – The Negaunee Miners hosted the Hancock Bulldogs at home tonight for the first time in 101 years. The last time these teams faced each other was back in 1917! The Miners came out on top, beating the Bulldogs 30-28. Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson were there to bring us the live action on 101.9 SunnyFM.

The Miners came out strong in the first quarter with a key shotgun play and an opening drive touchdown by Negaunee’s Drew DuShane. The field goal was missed, bringing the Miners to a 6-0 lead early on. The Bulldogs quickly followed with a first down, with Hancock’s Austin Salani then driving it in for a touchdown, bringing the score to 6-6. The Bulldogs tried for the two-point conversion, but a false start cost them five yards, and they were unable to complete it. The second quarter ended with a tie at 6-6.

The second quarter started with action almost right away, with a touchdown by Negaunee’s Jason Waterman and a two-point conversion, bringing the Miners to a 14-6 lead. Not long after, Hancock’s Austin Salani responded with his second touchdown of the night. The Bulldogs completed the two-point conversion, bringing the score to 14-14. Then, with 5:40 left in the second, Negaunee’s Peyton Anderson came back for a touchdown. The Miners went on to score an extra point, bringing the Miners to a 21-14 lead going into halftime.

The action dropped off a little in third. Both teams had good drives, but were not able to add to the board. The score remained at 21-14, with the Miners leading the Bulldogs into the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter started off with another touchdown by Hancock’s Austin Salani, making it his third one of the night. Negaunee’s Eric Etelamaki responded with his own touchdown, bringing the score to 27-20. With only 2:06 left of the game, Hancock’s Austin Salani came in with yet another touchdown, as well as a two-point conversion, bringing the score to nail-biting 28-27, with the Bulldogs taking the lead. Some good drives led Negaunee’s Drew DuShane to get a first down with only eight seconds left in the game. With no time for a running play, Negaunee’s Erik Salminen drove home a 27-yard field goal, leading to a Negaunee win of 30-28 over the Hancock Bulldogs. This was the first time in 125 years that the Miners beat the Bulldogs.

The Negaunee Miners next game is on Friday, September 14th, 2018 against the Manistique Emeralds at 7 p.m. in Negaunee. Join Mark Evans and Gregg Nelson for all of the can’t-miss action! The Elder Agency pre-game show will start around 6:30pm and kickoff will follow at 7:00pm on Sunny.FM.






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